Portable Altar

This six-foot by thirty-nine-inch tall, red oak altar was designed, built, and stained to match the old lectern seen in the photo, with a requested emphasis on simplicity of ornament. (Shown here are sketches of both an ornamented design to match the lectern, and the requested simpler design without ornament.)

The altar was built in such a way that the top is removeable and is fastened to the base with handmade thumbscrews. (Thumbscrews not shown in photo; the oval slot is where the thumbscrews go)

The altar is intended to be moved a few times a year, to be used in a cemetery for All Souls Day and Memorial Day Masses, to be used in the parish church for a Marian Altar during the month of May, and as an altar of repose for Holy Thursday.  Otherwise, it is housed in the rectory chapel.

To increase the structural strength of the piece, which was designed to be lightweight and portable, the altar base is built with forty, traditional pegged mortise and tenon joints, all by hand. (shown below)