Ordination Boxes

It is an old custom that the Maniturgium, the linen used to wipe off the holy oil from a newly ordained priest’s consecrated hands, is given to the priest’s mother.  When she is buried, the Maniturgium is buried with her so that when she appears before her Judge, the Maniturgium will remind Him that she offered Him her son to be His priest.

It is a newer custom that the stole worn by a newly ordained priest when he hears his first confession is given to his father.

A young man to be ordained a priest of Jesus Christ on June 1, 2019 commissioned me to build these boxes to hold these precious gifts for his parents.  The inscriptions carved into the tops in English are: “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.” – John 20:23 (for the father’s box)

and “Therefore I also have lent him to the Lord: all the days of his life, he shall be lent to the Lord.” – I Samuel 1:28 (for the mother’s box)

The beautiful cherry wood of the boxes was heavily carved by hand, joined with riven walnut pegs, and the lid attached with wooden pintle hinges.  The exterior of each box measures 5.5 inches tall x 7.5 inches wide x 15 inches long.  The interior measures 4 inches deep x 5.5 inches wide x 12 inches long.