Children of Mary Motherhouse Chapel

This eight-foot long, forty-inch tall, red oak altar was designed, built and stained to match the communion rail in the Children of Mary Motherhouse Chapel.  The gold paint was added later by the Sisters.  An altar stone was furnished by the Sisters.  It is recessed into the two-inch thick, solid red oak mensa.

It is important that the altar and communion rail match because of their intimate connection in the liturgy.  The same design was used, with slight variations and in different ratios to effect a harmonious rather than monotonous unity between the pieces.

A sample of the design sketches.

The altar before the bronze Agnus Dei was added.

The bronze and gold Agnus Dei sculpture.

The reredos before the crucifix was added.

The finished reredos.  An existing crucifix was disassembled and a new oak cross made to match the rest of the chapel furnishings.