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Sancta Familia Apostolate

“Pulchritudine Reverentiam Reficere” – Restoring Reverence Through Beauty. The Sancta Familia Apostolate is engaged in building beautiful liturgical furnishings to aid the reverent celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


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Custom Work: New Work to Match the Old

It is important that there be an integral unity of design throughout the church, but especially among the sanctuary furnishings. The Altar, the Ambo, and the Communion Rail, should all be harmoniously related to one another.
In many churches this unity has either been lost or has never existed in the first place. Often, all that remains of the beautiful old sanctuary furnishings are scattered remnants – a high altar stored in a parishioner’s barn, pieces of the old rail in the basement, etc.
Using old pictures or an existing piece, we can design and build furnishings that will either replicate the old pieces or pair beautifully with the old furnishings and the surrounding church architecture.
Because traditional hand tools and methods are used almost exclusively in our workshop, the new pieces will blend much more amicably with the old than if they were fabricated by modern power tools, techniques and finishes.

If your church’s sanctuary has never had that beautiful integrity among its furnishings, we can design a whole new set for you, always drawing on traditional designs, methods, and standards of beauty.
It is our goal that the work coming from our shop will stand the test of time and stand outside the passing fads and fashions as truly beautiful work should.

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Pricing/ Contact Us

Because each piece is a custom, handmade piece of art, we are unfortunately unable to provide a catalogue or pricing guide. Let us assure you, however, that we do our very best to make our prices comparable to the church supply catalogues.

All estimates are free and we will never pressure you for a sale.

If you have any questions or are interested in pricing and quotes, please send us a message.

Located in Newark, OH.
Email: sanctafamiliaapostolate@gmail.com