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Sancta Familia

Sancta Familia is an apostolate for the sanctification of the family. It is run by Wes and Kelly Baker, who are Lay Missionaries of Children of Mary.

For the family to be sanctified, the Eucharist must be the very heart of the home. For us, this has meant making the sacrifice to assist at Mass and pray the Rosary as a family every day. It has meant accepting our vocation as parents by taking great care in raising our sons. To protect their innocent and loving hearts, we homeschool them, firmly, lovingly, and consistently discipline them, banish television, internet, movies and all mass media from our home, and try to give them a loving childhood filled with the grandeur of God’s beauty in the created universe, in the lives of His saints, and in the sacramental life of His Church.

Custom Designed Liturgical Furniture

It was the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist that definitively drew us into the Catholic Church. It is our privilege now to spend our lives adoring Him, receiving Him daily in Holy Communion, and building liturgical furnishings that will help others to adore Him and receive Him with love and reverence. It is our hope that by building something beautiful for the liturgy, people will be helped to understand the miracle of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He has given all for us. He has given all to us. The only proper response is to give Him everything in return.

Please pray for the success of our work – that our liturgical woodworking may inspire people to a deeper love and reverence for Our Eucharistic Lord.

Consecrated Lay Missionaries

We do our best to share – in a mitigated way – in the Children of Mary Sisters’ way of life including their vows. As lay people in the matrimonial state, we cannot make the vows exactly as the Sisters do, so we make promises of holy simplicity, chastity according to our state in life, obedience to the Catholic Church, to pray for priests and to give our lives to quench the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

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Our Way of Life

In response to St. Norbert’s teaching, we strive to share in the monastic life as much as possible in the married state. Ours is a life of prayer, simplicity, agriculture, and artisan labor. It is also a missionary endeavor through becoming living witnesses to what a healthy and holy family can. Our charism is particularly Eucharistic and our life can be characterized as semi-contemplative, in concord with the Children of Mary.


Pictures of Finished Projects


Reredos designed for Children of Mary Motherhouse Chapel

Communion Rail

Communion Rail designed for Children of Mary Motherhouse Chapel.


Altar designed for Children of Mary Motherhouse Chapel.


Lectern designed for Children of Mary Motherhouse Chapel.

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Located in Newark, OH.
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